DURING LOCKDOWN, April 2020, please join us via zoom, and utilize the many services we can do via zoom, phone, and email:

1. Analyzing race videos

2. Training plans outside of the water

3. Training plans if you have a pool to swim in

4. Technical work, and tools to do now while out of the water

5. Mental and emotional support, sport psychology, goal setting, visualization

6. Dryland Strength, flexibility, energy work.

Feel free to join us LIVE on Tuesday through Friday mornings, and then receive an email with the replay if you cannot join us live:

Tuesday and Thursday, 9 am CDT, class 45 minutes, via zoom and then get email with replay link. Focus is strength, conditioning, esp. for swimmers:


Wednesday and Friday, 9 am CDT class 45 minutes, via zoom and replay link:

Focus is on mobility, energy work, mental focus, and some slight strength work. You will feel energized and balanced, and less anxious after this):


Get immediate access to two full workouts you can do right now:

1 Energizer and 1 Swim dryland strength circuit link: https://www.wellnessliving.com/rs/catalog-view.html?id_sale=4&k_id=1724319&k_option=6173056 

For phone, zoom, or facetime/skype consult, help with a specific training plan for you, or seasonal plan, please email us at coach@wecoach4u.com

online workshops especially during lockdown april 2020

ONline workshops especially during lockdown april 2020