​Do YOU want to reach your peak performance in sport, in the board room, get back in shape, need to find balance? ​Katrina is a master at helping people reconnect with what empowers them and how to use simple, effective tools to maximize their potential.
Private One hour sessions available. Additionally, Katrina Radke, MFT runs peak potential/team building sessions for individuals, small groups, corporations, and teams.

​Katrina recently (2014) has worked with several great corporations including ESAB, Red Dot Square, US Swimming, and others. She also has talked with several college, club, and high school athletic teams, to bring out their best. You can meet with Katrina in person, if you live in/near Minnesota; or you can have sessions by skype, phone, and/or email.

​Please contact Katrina at coach@wecoach4u.com for more information. Also, you can sign up to receive Katrina's blogs at www.katrinaradke.com

Sport Psychology/Peak Potential/Therapy Sessions

Have you ever felt you needed a boost? on the mental and emotional level? Katrina has been working with all types of people:
​Athletes from beginner to elite level, corporate executives, parents, and anyone striving for excellence and fulfillment 

Sport Psychology/Peak Potential/Therapy Sessions